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 Tarot and Astrology for Soul Development

I believe that Tarot and Astrology are two of the many tools that we have available for self-reflection and personal growth. Working with these modalities has opened me up to healing, understanding, and growth that I never could have imagined.
The element of Earth links us to our purpose for being in the physical world. The element of Fire connects us to our passions and inspirations which enable us to fulfill that purpose. If you are interested in exploring this journey of fiery growth and earthy grounding in your own life through Tarot and Astrology, you have come to the right place!

About Me

My name is Brady and I am a non-binary tarot reader, astrologer, and author in the Philadelphia area seeking to help others find their passion and purpose through soul-oriented reflection. I am constantly seeking to involve ritual and magic into all areas of life. I am a Sagittarius Sun, Taurus Moon, and Cancer Rising.

Structural Transformation: a Saturn and Pluto Reading




Thank you so, so much for your reading. This has been incredibly helpful and mind opening.I’m such a huge fan of your work & I’m in complete admiration.

Brady consistently gives powerful readings that never fail to guide me in the right direction & show me how to best move forward with whatever is happening in life. These readings are so moving & introspective, it is always a gift to get to be read by them! 

I had an amazing tarot reading from you yesterday! I have to do some work.. and I am ready! You are a beautiful light.